Three undergraduates examine droplets of plastic eating algae in a lab.

一道本不卡免费高清Illinois Tech’s College of Science is home to five research-oriented departments in science and mathematics. Our programs are grounded in rigor and relevance, providing students special preparation to succeed in fields that require exceptional application of knowledge.

The college’s faculty and students engage in a wide variety of research-oriented programs. Both undergraduate and graduate students can find opportunities to conduct research on campus with a professor, or at nearby laboratories including Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab. 

No matter which scientific endeavor interests you, you will find yourself immersed in thought-provoking study and innovative research at Chicago’s only tech-focused university.

Two students work on code together.

Midwest’s Only B.S. in Artificial Intelligence

Illinois Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree explores the deep foundations of this fast-growing field of computer science, while also emphasizing societal ethics in developing this technology. Apply to the only undergraduate AI program in the Midwest. 

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A Breakthrough in Understanding Chlamydia

一道本不卡免费高清Chlamydia affects one in 20 Americans, making it one of the world’s most prevalent STD. Oscar Juarez, assistant professor of biology, is closing in on methods to disrupt the growth of chlamydia.

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Plastic-Eating Algea

Plastics are polluting the world’s oceans at an exponential rate, but students at Illinois Institute of Technology are working to genetically modify algae that could eat away at the growing problem...